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DIY Braces: What They Are and Why You Should Avoid Them

June 29, 2020

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In recent years, social media has become home to challenges and trends that have gone viral. While some of these movements are inspirational and motivate people to do better, others are downright dangerous. The recent phenomenon of DIY braces is one of those trends, but few are warning people of the severe damage they can cause. Below are four reasons you should leave braces to your dentist.

DIY Braces Are Not Hygienic

Social media videos are popping up of people using superglue, rubber bands, hair elastics, and paper clips in an attempt to straighten their teeth at home. However, these items are not sterile or medical-grade quality. This means they can cause infections and even tooth loss in severe cases. While everyone wants a beautiful smile at a fraction of the cost, these DIY attempts can cost more than the money you would’ve spent starting with Invisalign at your dentist.

Quick Adjustments Rapidly Move Back

For the influencers who are gaining popularity and money off attempting DIY braces, it isn’t all smoke and mirrors. With enough pressure, you can make your teeth move. However, even if your attempt is successful, your affected teeth will move back again. The reason professional braces take time is because they are designed to move slowly. This ensures that the changes are long-lasting and won’t move back to their previous position as soon as the braces are removed.

Your Speech May Suffer

The placement of your teeth plays a huge role in your speech. While DIY braces may intend to fix one or two teeth, the remaining teeth may shift in the process unintentionally. This can cause complications in your speech, such as a lisp or apraxia of speech. Also, the changes to your upper and lower jaw can cause other issues, like the inability to chew properly.

You Can Lose Your Teeth

Although braces are placed on the visible part of your tooth, the treatment takes into account the health of the root as well. However, DIY braces that place an immense amount of pressure on the teeth to move them restricts the blood flow and cuts off circulation.  This damages the root and can cause them to fall out altogether.

Since the social media trends only show a few minutes of the entire process or are too embarrassed to show the failed attempt, many participants end up suffering in silence. Therefore, make sure to only trust your dentist with braces!

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