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Newburyport Cosmetic Dentistry

woman with perfect smile smiling at cameraAt Dental Partners of Newburyport, we’re happy to help patients achieve any smile goals. Whether patients wish for straighter, whiter, or brighter smiles, our team of dentistry experts have the skills and training to help them get the picture-perfect smiles of their dreams. If you’re interested in finding out more about cosmetic dentistry services, Dr. Peter St. Clair, Dr. Charles Beliveau, and our team invite you to schedule a consultation. During this evaluation visit, we make recommendations, answer questions, and develop a personalized treatment plan to guarantee beautiful results within a patient’s budget, timeline, and schedule. Our Newburyport practice is happy to serve patients from Newbury, Merrimac, and other nearby communities.



Every year, more adults choose to seek orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked or unevenly spaced teeth and properly align their bite, but the thought of spending one or more years with a mouth full of metal keeps many of them from following through. Fortunately, our talented cosmetic dentists offer a more cosmetically appealing orthodontic option – ClearCorrect. Because ClearCorrect utilizes a series of clear removable alignment trays, patients’ lifestyles are minimally impacted. ClearCorrect aligners are virtually invisible to the naked eye, and they are easily removed during meals and oral hygiene.


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Tooth-Colored Fillings

For years, patients who’ve suffered from tooth decay have relied on gray or silver-colored amalgam fillings. While these restorations are durable and effective, they are not the most visually appealing solution, and overtime, they expand and contract due to the changes in temperature eventually breaking away from the tooth possibly leading to further damage or decay. We offer a cosmetic alternative – composite resin fillings. Made from tooth-colored material, these fillings allow patients to fully restore the shape and function of their teeth without damaging beautiful smiles. Sometimes referred to as direct fillings, composite resin is malleable, and can be shaped into position directly onto the natural dental structure. A curing light is used to harden the material onto the enamel restoring the tooth and creating a strong bond with the porous tooth enamel. Over time, this stronger fusion of the composite resin material with the tooth enamel leads to a more durable dental restoration than amalgam fillings though amalgam is a stronger material independently than the composite resin. When cared for properly, tooth-colored fillings can last just as long, if not longer, than amalgam fillings. We also use composite resin to offer cosmetic bonding. This treatment option uses the tooth-colored material to conceal minor smile flaws like chips or stains.

All-Ceramic Restorations

Much like tooth-colored fillings, all-ceramic restorations offer the ideal combination of restorative and cosmetic treatment. Whether patients need inlays, onlays, or crowns, an all-ceramic restoration is a durable, beautiful solution. In the past, restorations were crafted from gold, silver, or porcelain bonded to metal, but these restorations all have their disadvantages. Gold and silver restorations are long lasting and durable, but they leave an obvious mark on patients’ smiles. Porcelain bonded to metal offers a less obvious appearance, but over time, these restorations tended to discolor around the edges. All-ceramic restorations are the most natural looking solution. They can be shaded to blend seamlessly into the natural smile line, and they reflect light in the same way that tooth enamel does for glittering results. Patients who choose all-ceramic inlays, onlays, and crowns receive predictably beautiful results that last for years to come. In most cases, the untrained observer will be completely unable to locate the restoration. Sometimes, patients don’t even remember which tooth was treated, and can’t see or feel a difference between their ceramic restorations and natural smile. Patients who have existing silver or gold restorations may choose to exchange them for a tooth-colored option, and we’re happy to review replacement options during a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Porcelain Veneers

One small chip in patients’ teeth isn’t a significant problem, but overtime, chips, cracks, stains, and other irregularities add up to a less than ideal smile. Many patients believe they’ll need extensive restorative or orthodontic treatments to correct a lifetime of dental wear and tear, but in some cases, one simple, minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry solution offers patients the opportunity to hit the reset button on their smiles. Porcelain veneers are thin sheaths of high quality, dental grade porcelain shaped to cover the front facing surfaces of teeth. Patients who choose veneers have a small amount of tooth enamel removed so the veneer blends seamlessly into their smiles. That means veneer treatments are not typically reversible. Those patients interested in porcelain veneers should take time to thoroughly consider their treatment options and make sure veneers are the right solution. Once patients are certain they want to receive veneers, we prepare their teeth and take dental impressions that are used by our lab to craft custom veneers from the highest quality porcelain. Until the custom veneers are returned to our office, the patient wears a temporary restoration and returns to exchange it for the final version once it’s returned from our lab.

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Understanding the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dental treatments can help patients achieve smiles that make them feel confident! However, many worry about the cost of their procedure because cosmetic dentistry is rarely covered by dental insurance. During your consultation with us, we will go over the cost of your treatment in detail so you know exactly what you can expect. Until then, here are some things to take into consideration.

Which Cosmetic Dental Service Is Right for Me?

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There are a variety of cosmetic solutions available. Here are some of the most popular ones that we offer at Dental Partners of Newburyport:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings: If you have an old metal, silver-colored filling that’s taking away from your appearance, a tooth-colored filling is what you’re looking for. When cared for properly, tooth-colored fillings can last just as long as traditional amalgam (metal) fillings!
  • ClearCorrect: If you are unhappy with your smile because of misalignment or bite issues, ClearCorrect is a viable solution. Orthodontic treatments generally cost a few thousand dollars, but it is the best way to achieve permanent results.
  • All-Ceramic Restoration: All-ceramic restoration, like dental crowns, can protect teeth that have been structurally compromised while also improving their appearance. These can also be used to replace old metal restorations that aren’t as cosmetically appealing.
  • Veneers: Veneers are one of the more costly options available, but they are the easiest way to transform numerous aspects of your smile at the same time. They can last 15+ years with proper maintenance.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be an Investment Worth Making

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Cosmetic dentistry may sound expensive at first, but it is an investment in the future of your smile. It’s important to think of the overall outcome when you are determining if a cosmetic treatment is right for you. If you aren’t currently confident when you smile in the mirror due to flaws in your teeth, cosmetic dentistry may be the difference that makes you proud to show off your pearly whites. Increased confidence can result in better relationships, an improved social life, and additional professional achievements!

How to Make Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

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Cosmetic treatments are rarely covered by dental insurance, but this doesn’t mean that you will be left completely on your own. We are happy to accept payments through CareCredit – a third-party financing company that can split the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments with little to no interest. If you have any questions or need help applying, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly team members.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Q Does Cosmetic Dentistry Hurt?

If you have your heart set on an enhanced smile with cosmetic dentistry, but you also suffer from dental anxiety it can be hard to go through with treatment. Even patients without anxiety still may wonder exactly how painful some cosmetic procedures are. Our team at Dental Partners of Newburyport knows this and is dedicated to working with you to make your experience as comfortable as possible. You’ll be glad to know that most cosmetic treatments are considered non- or less invasive. This means that your teeth are hardly changed at all, and local anesthetics are generally enough to prevent any pain. At most, you may feel pressure on your teeth while your dentist is working with your smile.

Q How Long Does Cosmetic Dentistry Last?

The longevity of your cosmetic treatments depends on several factors, such as the treatment you’ve received and your level of oral hygiene and maintenance. Treatments like teeth whitening and dental bonding tend to degrade faster than more extensive procedures like porcelain veneers. For treatments like ClearCorrect, if you remember to wear your retainer for maintenance, your newly aligned smile will last a lifetime. Above all, regular dental checkups with our team and a solid oral hygiene routine will greatly extend the life of your results.

Q How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Change Your Life?

Many patients wonder if taking the time to improve their smile is worth it. After all, cosmetic treatments represent a significant investment in money and effort. Rest assured that science is on your side when it comes to the significance of a great smile. Many studies from major universities and professional organizations concur that a winning smile makes life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Whether you’re trying to impress your new employer or improve your social life, cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve your goals and become a more confident person. It can also act as a powerful motivator for cleaning up your diet or quitting harmful habits like smoking. Whatever your reason for enhancing your smile, it’s worth it!

Q What’s the Difference Between a Crown and a Veneer?

It can be difficult at first to distinguish between these two treatments because they seem to do the same thing at first glance. However, there are major differences between the two procedures, especially when it comes to the condition of your pearly whites.

Dental crowns are made to protect and restore severely decayed or decayed teeth. Each treated tooth is first shaped by removing degraded tissue. Then a porcelain cap is placed over the entire structure.

Veneers, on the other hand, are made from very thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. To receive veneers, you need to have relatively good oral health to ensure their success.

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