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Gum Disease Treatment in Newburyport

man with beard smiling at cameraPeriodontal (gum) disease is one of the most common oral health concerns, and some estimates indicate that 70% or more of US adults over 30 suffer from some form of gum disease. Like tooth decay, gum disease is caused by the thousands of bacteria that live in every mouth. Bacteria absorb nutrients and produce a sticky, acidic biofilm known as plaque. If plaque builds up at the gum line, it irritates soft tissue leading to bleeding, inflammation, and breakdown of soft tissue indicative of the mildest form of gum disease, gingivitis. While mild periodontal disease is merely uncomfortable, left untreated it develops into the more advanced form, periodontitis, and may cause significant damage to oral health. At Dental Partners of Newburyport, Dr. Peter St. Clair, Dr. Charles Beliveau, and our team offer periodontal therapy to restore oral health for patients from West Newbury, Salisbury, and beyond.


The mild form of gum disease is typically treated with more frequent professional teeth cleanings and some small changes to patients’ at-home hygiene routines. These adjustments are generally adequate to reverse damage to oral health, and prevent future issues. In rare cases, even more frequent cleanings and better at-home care are not enough to prevent gingivitis from worsening, and more advanced treatments are necessary.


As gum disease advances, it develops into the more hazardous form, periodontitis. The advanced form of gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among US adults as it slowly breaks down gums destroying the connective soft tissue that holds teeth in their proper position. Treatment for periodontitis typically begins with scaling and root planing. Scaling is the removal of damaged or infected tissue below the gum line, and root planing is the smoothing of the surfaces of tooth roots in order to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup. For the most advanced cases, antibiotic therapy or surgical procedures may be necessary in order to restore oral health.

If you experience any of the warning signs of gum disease, contact our team right away as treating gum disease in the early stages is extremely important.

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