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Dental Bridges – Newburyport, MA

Fill in the Gap in Your Smile

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If you have suffered the loss of one or more teeth, you should certainly fill in the gap in your smile. Otherwise, you could face complications down the road. Here at Dental Partners of Newburyport, we offer a number of convenient tooth replacement options, including dental bridges. This efficient and durable restorative solution could provide you with years of confident smiles! Continue reading to learn more about dental bridges, and contact us when you are ready to book a consultation.

Why Choose Dental Partners of Newburyport for Dental Bridges?

What Is a Dental Bridge?

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A dental bridge may also be referred to as a fixed bridge or crown and bridgework. It is a multi-unit prosthetic that consists of two crowns and one or more artificial teeth (called pontics). The crowns get bonded onto the teeth that surround an empty space, called abutment teeth. They support 1 – 3 pontics between them, thereby bridging the gap in the patient’s smile.

Dental bridges are often recommended for budget-conscious individuals whose remaining natural teeth are still fairly healthy.

Types of Dental Bridges

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There are a few different types of dental bridges, and when you visit us for your consultation, we will recommend the type that we believe best fits your unique situation. Usually, we end up concluding that either a traditional fixed bridge or an implant bridge would be the most desirable option. Both treatments come with their own pros and cons, but both can effectively replace lost teeth and provide reliable, sturdy function.

Traditional Bridge

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A traditional bridge depends on support from the abutment teeth, which usually need to be modified in order to fit beneath their crowns. The treatment process is relatively fast (it requires just a few appointments), and the cost is accessible for most patients.

Implant Bridge

Illustration of implant bridge being placed in lower dental arch

Instead of relying on the natural teeth for support, an implant bridge is supported by dental implants (prosthetic tooth roots that get surgically placed beneath the jawbone). Many patients love this option because it does not require the natural teeth to be modified, and dental implants are excellent for supporting jawbone health.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

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Replacing your lost tooth (or teeth) with a dental bridge may bring you several benefits:

Are you ready to learn more about dental bridges and the benefits they can bring? Book a consultation with our Newburyport team today!

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